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A Modern Rental House in the Heart of Houston, Texas. 

We are a camera rental company based in Houston, Texas. We are Houstonians that operate nationwide, and work with many international clients. We make it easy for clients coming into Houston to have the gear they are looking for ready and insured for pick up. We are conveniently located in Downtown.  



We pride ourselves in being a great resource for independent filmmakers, small businesses and agencies.

–   Orlando Briones

Houston is becoming a hub for visual creatives. CameraHTX gives them the tools to create.  

–   Jon Conner

Cinema Cameras Available

We offer Cinema Cameras and Cinema lenses

  • Arri
  • RED
  • Canon
  • Sony
Starting as low as $100 a day. 

Cinema Cameras & Lenses

We offer all kinds of cameras that can fit under most budgets.

  • Red 4.5K, 5K, 6K, 8K
  • Arri Alexa Mini
  • Sony FS7, A7s
As low as


LEDs and Lighting

We offer all kinds of LED Lights.

  • Arri SkyPanel
  • LitePanels
  • Astera
  • ColorSpikes
As low as


Gimbals and Stabilization

We offer all kinds of Gimbals.

  • Freefly Systems M15, Movi Pro
  • DJI Ronin M, Ronin S
  • Letus Helix Jr. 
As low as



Camera|HTX Share

Community Based Inventory

We offer a program that allows us to offer equipment available in the Houston Area from a multitude of Owner Operators. We can source  high end equipment like Leica, Ultra Primes, Easy Rigs, Teradek Systems, etc. 

Insurance & Relaibility

With this program we connect you with multiple vendors, deal with invoicing, insurance and produce to have all equipment available for pick up.

Be a part of Camera|HTX Share 

Contact us throught the contact page, or through Camera|HTX instagram page @camerahtx


Not Your Average Rental House

Local Producer

We offer local producers. They are they are the boots to the ground in HTX, rates vary.   

Free Gated Parking

We offer parking inside the gate for secure pick up and drop off.  

Off Hour

We offer after hour rentals for a service fee. 

Fiber Internet

We have Fiber internet fast uploads and downloads for a service fee.  

Weekend Rentals

We offer Weekend rentals and weekend pick up for a service fee. 


We can have documents printed for you when you arrive for a service fee.  

Checkin & Checkout

Equipment should be checked in no later than 12pm of the return date. Check out is 5PM at the lates. After Hours and Weekend Pick up/Drop off avaiable for a service fee.   

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of a Rental is allowed with in 24 hours of the rental pick up time. 

Equipment Rules

Equipment can be inspected at our facilty. Our terms and agreement will be emailed to you before payment is made. Everything must be returned in the condition given. 

Payment Terms

Payments for equipment must be made in full before pick up. Online payment services available. 

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Downtown Houston – Vine Street Studios – By Appointment Only 

 Direct Message us on Instagram or contact and equipment list here